Preseason Dev Update Number 3!

Hey everyone, Welcome to our third preseason dev update! We’re going to be sending all of our changes to PBE later today, so we wanted to touch base once more with some fleshed out goals, tactics, and current tuning! Our previous updates ([Update 1](, [Update 2]( went into quite a bit of what we’ll cover today, but to summarize our preseason: We want you to feel like your time playing League was well spent, whether you win or lose. Preseason ships on patch 8.23 which is still a month away, so a lot of the finer details are still subject to change! For example, you’ll likely see more particles and sound effects for turret plating show up over the PBE cycle, as well as numbers tuning for a bunch of the systemic updates. I'll say that one more time just in case - NUMBERS TUNING IS STILL SUPER SUBJECT TO CHANGE! Let’s step through the changes: ----- # Laning Phase is improved and slightly longer **Goals: ** * Turrets will much more rarely fall from 100% to 0% early game after one gank or recall attempt. * Players that lane aggressively and take risks in the early game are rewarded. * Bad matchups don’t feel like a surrendered lane. You may be pushed under turret, but you’ll have more time to CS safely before your turret falls. * Lane matchups are less influenced by success or failure in other lanes and you have more time to outplay your opponent in an even matchup early game. * Players should be a little more likely to leave lane phase having completed their first item. **Tactics:** * Outer turrets are now reinforced with "turret plating" at game start that resembles a shield that is divided into 5 sections called "plates". * Destroying a plate grants local gold but also increases the turret's resistances until all remaining plates fall off (currently 14:00). Additionally, when a plate breaks, the turret gains 20 seconds of extra protection called Bulwark if more than one enemy champion is sieging it. * With turret plating in play, we've also adjusted outer turret base stats. We've increased their health and their AD scaling but their resistances are now tied entirely to turret plating. * Turret plating provides a baseline amount of resistances in addition to the resistances gained when a plate breaks, but once turret plating falls off, they're left with 0 armor and magic resist. * The overall impact here is that outer turrets will much less frequently get run over in the first few minutes of the game, but will be more fragile past the 14 minute mark. This gives us a much stabler laning phase. **Current tuning - SUBJECT TO CHANGE:** **Turret Plating:** * Each Plate represents 1000 Turret HP * Armor and MR provided by Turret Plating :: 40 + 30 for each plate destroyed * Gold reward per destroyed plate :: 160 local gold (divided among nearby champions) * Bulwark :: + 25 Armor and MR per nearby enemy champion past the first on destroying a plate **Turrets:** * Outer Turret HP :: 3800 >>> 5000 * Outer Turret Armor/MR :: 55 >>> 0 (replaced by turret plating) * Outer Turret Armor/MR scaling per minute :: 1 >>> 0 (replaced by turret plating) * All Turret AD scaling per minute :: 4 >>> 9 * Outer Turret AD cap :: 180 >>> 278 * Inner/Inhib Turret AD Cap :: 250 >>> 305 * Nexus Turret AD cap :: 230 >>> 285 * Turret First Blood :: 300 >>>150 (reduced due to turret plating gold) ----- # Rune paths no longer dictate stat bonuses **Goals:** * Players can take the runes they want without feeling restricted by path style bonuses, better supporting creative (Glacial Augment Jax?) and strategic (double MR shards vs Rumble top) decision making. * Slightly reduce early-game damage potency via 1 enforced defensive stat choice. **Tactics:** * We'll be referring to these bonuses as Stat Shards from now on * You'll select three Stat Shards, one from each of three rows on your rune page * We're preemptively adjusting some minor runes to accommodate Stat Shards. **Current Tuning - STAT CHOICES AND VALUES SUBJECT TO CHANGE** **Stat Shards:** * Row 1: 10 Adaptive (6 AD or 10 AP), 9% Attack Speed, 1-10% CDR (lvls 1-18). * Row 2: 10 Adaptive (6 AD or 10 AP), 5 Armor, 6 Magic Resist, (We’re debating adding a 4th here). * Row 3: 15-90 HP (lvls 1-18), 5 Armor, 6 Magic Resist Important note for clarity: Rune paths themselves no longer grant style bonuses; you now get those stats from Stat Shards. ---- # Comebacks are more achievable and satisfying **Goals:** * Make the path to staging a comeback clearer for the team that’s fallen behind * More accurately assign bounty levels to account for leads that don't come solely from champ kills * Make the system more forgiving when you're playing well on the losing team **Tactics - SUBJECT TO CHANGE:** * Bounties will now be visible in the scoreboard to help you pinpoint your next target * Minion/Monster gold earned is now a part of the bounty system * Payout of bounties is capped at 1000 (700 from bounty, 300 from baseline kill) with remaining rolling over to the next kill * Bounties for champs on the losing team are reduced so as not to punish the one person trying to carry their team from behind. * Champion kill bounties will scale higher at higher kill counts. **Current tuning - SUBJECT TO CHANGE:** * The actual math behind how bounties are calculated is really dense, so we’re not going to get too deep into specifics - at the end of the day all you need to worry about is the value that you see in the scoreboard if someone is doing well. * In games where CS is skewed heavily, bounties will be accrued approximately 70% from champions kills, and 30% from minion/monster gold. In even games, bounties will be made up almost 100% from champion kills. ----- # Decided games resolve faster **Goals:** * Teams with a sizable lead should be able to close out the game without Baron Buff * Idle time should be minimized (waiting for a minion wave to be in position to siege the enemy base, waiting for next Baron/Dragon to spawn) **Tactics:** * Scale up minion health, turret damage resistance, and movement speed to make them better at soaking damage during Baron-less sieges. * Increase spawn rate of cannons earlier in the game * Decrease respawn timers of major objectives (Dragons, Baron, Elder) **Current tuning - SUBJECT TO CHANGE:** All minions: * Damage to towers :: 60% >>> 50% * Movement speed :: +25 at 20:00 >>> +25 to +100 between 10:00-30:00 Melee minions: * Max HP (reached at 37:00) :: 1200 >>> 1500 * Max Armor (reached at 37:00) :: 0 >>> 16 * Max AD (reached at 37:00) :: 12 >>> 80 Caster minions: * Max HP :: 425, reached at 27:00 >>> 485, reached at 37:00 (27:00 value unchanged) * Max AD :: Scales infinitely (60.5 at 37:00) >>> 120.5 at 37:00 (no longer scales infinitely) Cannon minions: * Switchover to spawning every 2 waves :: 20 minutes >>> 15 minutes * Switchover to spawning every wave :: 35 minutes >>> 25 minutes * Max HP :: Scales infinitely (2300 at 37:00) >>> 3200 at 37:00 (no longer scales infinitely) * Damage taken by turrets :: 14% max HP (8 shots to die) >>> 14% from outers, 11% from inners, 8% from inhib/nexus (8/10/12 shots to die) Super minions: * Base AD :: 306 >>> 225 * Base AS :: 0.694 >>> 0.850 * Aura :: No longer grants nearby minions +70% damage Baron buff: * Minion protection from champ damage :: 75% champ damage reduction for melee minions, 50% for caster minions >>> 65% for melee and caster minions * Minion protection from turret damage :: Removed Pushing advantage: * Removed. Minions no longer gain bonus stats based on your team's average level vs the enemy team's average level Epic Monster Respawn Time * Elemental Drakes :: 6 minutes >>> 5 minutes * Elder Dragon :: 8 minutes >>> 6 minutes * Baron :: 7 minutes >>> 6 minutes ----- Thanks for those who’ve made it this far! I know that was a lot to digest so feel free to hit us up in the comments with your questions. Before wrapping up, I want to stress again that the numbers for a bunch of things listed above are still subject to change, whether on PBE or after preseason ships live. We’ll be writing up another post in the next week or two to go over some of the usual assortment of additional preseason changes, but we wanted to get your feedback on these primary areas now that we’re much closer to what we want to ship. Thanks! MapleNectar
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