Quick Gameplay Thoughts: Feb 16

Hi folks, Figured I'd try something different for the next week or so and, when I've got a bit of forum time, spend a chunk of it putting together a quick post about some of the things we're currently thinking about or working on. These posts won't be comprehensive, or go into all the details, but are instead an experiment in getting quick updates out regularly. Feedback on the format appreciated. So, some thoughts for today: **7.5** * We've been doing some balance planning for patch 7.5 in the last couple of days. Particularly noteworthy targets include likely nerfs to Edge of Night and Varus and continuation of work on Fizz and Blade of the Ruined King that wasn't ready in time for 7.4. **Practice Tool** * In addition to its other benefits practice tool has also resulted in some really comprehensive bug reports from some players which is highly appreciated. Player investigation into an MF bug that cropped up in ESports recently for example made getting a fix in for that much quicker and smoother than it would otherwise have been (we didn't have to spend anywhere near as much time digging into exactly what was going on and could get to finding a solution quicker). **Defensive Items** * We're currently testing taking a moderate amount of power amount out of defensive stats on items (Health, MR, Armor) and adding some of that to base stats on Vanguards, Wardens and Juggernauts at least (possibly some others if testing goes well, to be determined). Goal there is to make it so those classes that need to be a certain level of tankiness to function in the first place get to that point more consistently, while also not becoming close to immortal if they get too large a lead. Showing some promise and some potential problems, but definitely looks worth further testing as a possible mid-season change. **Non gameplay: Zaun stories** * I'm a bit behind, but finally got round to reading through a bunch of the Zaun stories that went up on the Universe site recently. For anyone interested in that side of things I'd particularly recommend checking out the Mundo piece, really enjoyed that one despite a lack of previous interest in Mundo thematically: http://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_PH/story/drmundo-color-story/
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