Mid Year Mage Updates - Vel'koz Direction

Greetings from Champ Roster Land (not to be confused with Champ Rooster Land). We wanted to follow up on the last update from our team on [Malzahar](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/6c2r0VAc-mid-year-mage-updates-malzahar-direction) with a post outlining our current thoughts on Vel'koz, as he was the mage in the [Group](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/jQmE1EjE-mid-year-mage-update) that had the most discussion and vocality. Currently, Vel'koz is a mage with a kick ass theme but lackluster execution and little strategic relevance to the game aside from non-farm dependent damage output, a crown support Vel'koz shares along with support Brand and Zyra. As an Artillery, he also suffers from the worse poke of the lot, poor relative target selection, and poor scaling. For Vel'koz, this reveals underlying flaws that essentially say: Unless I do insane amounts of base damage regardless of my farm, I am useless and there is no _strategic_ reason to ever choose me. This is not to say that Vel'koz is horrible and needs to be completely overhauled. Actually, we share many of your own feelings on him and see the glimmers in his kit. Our goal with this update is to give him that final push that he needs to fully realize his own purpose in League of Legends. For clarity's sake, I'll follow Repertoirs bullet point summary: **Things we especially like:** * Geometry and poke/kite pattern (Q+W), with powerful combo casting/all in (+R) * Deconstruction through abilities and Research/Understanding you opponent thematic (Passive) * Poorer target selection compared to other Artillery - Vel'koz works harder than most to hit the back line, and when he does it should feel amazing **Things we are working on improving:** * Research thematic is not explored very well * Mid lane laning pattern involves mindlessly wave-clearing with W * Generalist damage output without meaningful utility means he must be balanced around simply doing more damage than anyone else **What I hope comes out of the update:** * Establish strategic identity and purpose separate from competing champions (Artillery Casters & Damage Heavy Supports) * Up play research and geometry thematics * Maintain or improve damage fantasy, tied in better with his thematics * Keep existing combat pattern of poking + kitting, as well as all-in combo * Disintegration. A lot of Disintegration. With Lasers. That's all for now. I'll be watching this thread for the next couple of days to get all of you guys' thoughts and comments, so please if any of you have major concerns or bad feels on the matter, don't hesitate to voice them out! Best, BelugaWhale
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