I'm RiotMEMEMEMEMEME AMA about Champion/VGU Development!

Heya All! There is a ton that goes into making a New Champ or VGU, some of it has been covered in AskRiot, or Dev blogs, but if there is something you have been itching to understand about the process I'll do my best to provide insight! Little history on MEMEMEMEME life at Riot for context: * I have been doing QA & Production work on reworks and new champs for almost 3 years. * Worked directly on Juggernauts Update, Marksmen Update, Mages Update, Assassins Update, Warwick VGU, and Urgot VGU. * Worked on some smaller projects like the Urfwick recall, and Cassio's tail update. * Bard is the best champion * RiotJag started a vendetta against me in internal playtests * Spend far too much of my free time reading about game dev -_- * Been playing League since Jarven Launched Will be checking this thread inbetween League games :) I won't be able to answer questions about stuff in dev. EDIT! Going to call it for the night, there are a few questions on here I will get back to tomorrow. Thank you all.

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