QSS / Mercurial change for 6.9

Hi all, This change looks like it went unnoticed for the most part, so I'm putting up a thread to talk about it here. The change to these items is that they now only remove crowd control effects rather than all negative debuffs. Functionally, what this means is that it will continue to remove Enchanted Crystal Arrow (Ashe) and Nether Grasp (Malzahar), but it will not remove Death Mark (Zed) and Grand Challenge (Fiora). The reasoning for the change is pretty much that the cleanse offered by these items was able to functionally negate certain champions' ability to fight the owner of the item. As I'm sure many of you will be quick to point out, the game is balanced around the existence of this effect, and you're not wrong. That said, we think we can get the outliers here to a spot where they are healthy in the game where QSS/MS do not remove all debuffs, and instead only crowd control effects. By outliers, I do mean the Zeds, Fioras, Trundles, and other problem children there are in light of this change. However, what this change allows us to do is create debuff-focused champions that don't have their kits completely negated with an item purchase and press of a button. With this change, _there likely WILL be outliers, and if so, they WILL need to be addressed_. The idea here is that we'd like to get to a point where the damage Zed deals with Death Mark (or any other champion with their debuff spell) is fair in the absence of strictly a hard counter item. Since we're at the mid season point and the next few patches will be in flux, this feels like the best time to try out such a change unless we wanted to wait until the new season. Currently, you don't see changes to champions on the PBE to offset this item change because we want to start small and react with a million changes here and there without seeing the effect of the change. We could certainly try to preemptively make such changes, but our approach currently is to see how it tests before overreacting. This is, of course, subject to change, so we'll be monitoring the change as it's on PBE and once it's Live if we decide to keep it. Feel free to leave comments below, even if it's just to reiterate that Zed will be broken. Cheers, Repertoir

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