A follow-up on the "Offline Status" feature request

Hey all, We've been seeing some passionate responses to [our note yesterday about addressing requests for an "appear offline" or "invisible" mode on the friends list](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/alpha-client-discussion/gOohi2F5-offline-status-for-new-client?comment=0002000b). We should reiterate that our main goal right now is getting the League client update to feature parity with the legacy client (aka NOT developing whole new features), but we wanted to talk about this more in depth. Our official line on an invisible mode boiled down to "we're researching it to learn more!" The community's response was "what's there to learn? We're telling you we want it, so why do you have to do research?" First of all, "research" can mean that we want to investigate impact of a feature on a global level. It's also sometimes just shorthand for "scoping out the work." To deliver a chat invisibility feature, we'd have to answer some nitty-gritty questions about how exactly an invisible mode would work in practice before we prototyped the feature. Questions like: * Could invisible players see and chat with friends? What about in clubs? * Once a chat is initiated, would friends in a chat still see the invisible player as offline? * Could you be invisible on the League Friends mobile app? * Could invisible players receive mobile notifications (ex: messages, friend requests) while invisible? * Could invisible players selectively invite friends to lobbies? Can they be invited to lobbies by friends? * Friends can see your match history and that you were playing games—is that something we'd be cool with? These are just a few things we wanted to think through. But we want to dig deeper into this to address the community discussion on this topic. So let's spitball for a minute here and talk about one potential solution we're considering: turning the "away" mode into a more reliable way to get some privacy when you want it. Currently, the "away" mode in the friends list isn't particularly reliable. Interacting with the client or other programs can easily knock you back into regular "online" status. If you play a game or spectate someone while in away mode, everyone on your friends list sees what you're doing and is free to chat with you. "You can't hide from me," your always-online friend says. "Why don't you want to duo anymore?" What if we changed that? What if switching to away mode meant that nobody could see when you were in game or spectating? You could still chat with friends or play with people as you wanted, but you'd have a layer of privacy to protect you when you want to go solo. Again, we're just spitballing here, not making promises (our focus is SERIOUSLY on feature parity in the client update). But we want to know what players would think about that as a possible stopgap solution. What potential problems would you foresee? What would you want us to avoid?
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