Buying Runes Between Now and Preseason

Hey friends, In May [we announced that new Runes will be free when they launch this preseason]( We've since seen tons of questions about how we'll transition to the new system, as well as what players should do about purchasing runes now. We're still working on the first question, but let's talk about the second. So here's our plan: when preseason arrives we'll refund all the IP you've spent on runes since May 30th, 2017 (the date we published the Riot Pls video linked above). This deal is effective now, so if you've got the IP for some runes you want, go ahead and grab 'em! We'll refund you later. We were originally going to roll these changes out with our bigger announcement in September, but we wanted to put this out there now since many of you have been asking about rune prices. At some point before the transition to the new runes system we'll also drastically reduce the prices of all runes. We won't refund rune purchases made after that point. But what about rune pages, you ask? The plan is for your rune pages to carry over into the new runes system, so prices on rune pages aren't being changed and they won't be refunded. The difference is you'll be able to edit them in champ select. Let us know if you've got any questions and we'll be happy to answer in the comments.

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