Ornn changes on PBE

Hey everyone, going to be pushing some medium scale Ornn changes to PBE for testing over the next few weeks that I'd like to get feedback from you all on. Ornn has had some balance issues over his time - he's been a frustrating lane opponent and consistent Pro pick for a while, at the same time maintaining a much lower win rate than you might expect given those facts. This changelist should hopefully meaningfully reduce those problems and let us bring up Ornn’s win rate for the average player. Let’s get into it. Disclaimer that none of these numbers are final, any numbers are the current values as I write this. Stats: * Ornn HP/level increased from 90-95 * Ornn Armor/level increased from 3-4 P: * **Removed: Ornn and his allies must purchase upgrades from the shop after Ornn reaches level 13.** * **New: When Ornn hits level 11 any upgradable items he currently owns or buys in the future will automatically become upgraded for no cost. For the next 4 levels after 11, each level will allow Ornn to upgrade an item for an ally (max 1 per ally) at no cost. Ornn must get close to his ally and click on them, which will cause him to forge his ally's item and replace it for them when he's finished.** The intent of this change is for Ornn to be able to have multiple upgraded items, which coupled with some scaling base stat buffs should mean that Ornn is able to scale harder into the late game if he can purchase his items. Essentially think of Ornn as a gold accelerated character similar to Draven or Gangplank. The other benefit is that Ornn's allies should care a lot more about getting their items, since now they don't have to pay. Q: * Mana cost reduced from 55 to 45 at all ranks Looking to make it less necessary for Ornn to buy multiple mana crystals early on. A common buy for experienced Ornn players is two mana crystals early on to make up for his high mana costs, but it isn’t obvious for less experienced Ornns. W: * **Ornn's shield on using W is removed.** * **Ornn's W now grants him unstoppable for the duration.** * W duration reduced from 1s to .75s * Brittle damage increased from 7%+.3% per level to 10% +.5% per level * Cooldown changed from 17/15/13/11/9 to 14 at all ranks Ornn's W currently is too much of an "I win" button - it allows him to win almost every trade and confuses enemies as to what their response should be when he presses the button. Looking to clarify for enemies that attacking Ornn when he uses W is a choice, as well as trying to get out of the way or move back to not get brittle proc'd. Replacing the shield isn’t intended to be a power equal trade, but it should give skilled Ornn players something to think about instead of blindly pressing W whenever possible, and should put more emphasis on Ornn proc’ing his brittle marks to win trades. E: * Mana cost changed from 50 at all ranks to 35/40/45/50/55 * Knockup duration from 1s to 1.25s R: * R1's slow now scales with the amount of time the R1 has existed for (min 10%). * R2's knock up duration now is decreased to 50% on subsequent targets after hitting an enemy champion. Ornn's R has been extremely powerful both as a pick spell and an AoE teamfight spell. Looking to make long range hitting R1 less powerful for picking off enemies, and I want to make enemy front liners feel better about getting in the way of Ornn's R. I’m going to be making some more changes soon, including making adjustments to what items Ornn’s passive can upgrade. Most likely you'll also see some more buffs depending on where his power read is. Thanks guys, I'll try to answer any questions that come up.
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