Introducing Invulnerability HUD

Have you ever been sad when a big attack lands on its target only to find out they're invulnerable? Have you wanted to know that the health bar you're about to lay into can't be moved? Did you see the [Taric Ult]( in the Ryze Champion Spotlight and wondered wtf? Well, have we got the feature for you! It's Invulnerability HUD, (most likely) coming in Patch 6.18! We've added a fancy gold border to champion's health bars when they can't be touched. In addition, we pulled a couple abilities that acted a lot like invulnerability and went ahead and made them fully embrace invulnerability. We're hoping this makes interacting (or not) with invulnerable champions a less frustrating experience. If we've bounced off that target please let us know in the comments below.
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