True Damage Ekko Tweaks

Greetings fellow humans, We have a couple of True Damage Ekko updates for you today! Based on feedback surrounding True Damage Ekko, we agreed that his hair looked too sparse in certain animations. We’ve fixed the texture in patch 9.23 to cover more of his head without altering his overall look very much. Again, this is already live, but wanted to make sure that everyone who chimed in about this was aware of the change! Secondly, seven of True Damage Ekko's chromas went live in patch 9.23, but we have one more coming in patch 9.24. Due to some adjustments we wanted to make to that eighth chroma (‘Obsidian True Damage Ekko’), it was not included in time to be a part of the bundle. The pricing on the bundle correctly reflected the seven chromas, so those who bought it were not overcharged for eight. But with that said, the Obsidian TD Ekko chroma will not ever be a part of the chroma bundle, and will only be available for purchase individually. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and for your time! Riot Eggo McLego {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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