Visual Effects Update: Teemo

VFX Update - Teemo
Uploaded by Sirhaian'Arts on 2018-11-01.
Hello everyone! Similar to the [recent Jarvan, Lee Sin, Veigar, and Vi updates](, we're working on VFX and SFX updates to more champions whose spell effects are in need of some love to get to current League standards and improve gameplay clarity. In Patch 8.24, we'll be releasing VFX and SFX updates for Anivia, Dr. Mundo and Renekton, and VFX-only updates for Gragas (he already received some SFX love) and Teemo. Please try them out on the PBE—especially if you're a main—when they're in and leave us your feedback here! Today's preview covers the visual effects updates to **Teemo, the Swift Scout**. (He has not received any sound updates.) ##VFX ###VFX update across the board to clean up unnecessary noise and improve gameplay clarity. **BA** - New missile and hit impact. **Q** - Missile is now much more different from the BA and clearly identifiable. Impact is also more satisfying. **W** - Added some love to the VFX, making it feel more satisfying, with some added leaves and dust. **E** - Missile is now clearly visible and identifiable. **R** - Now has an actual explosion that shows the actual AOE range. Yes, it is that big. All of Teemo's skins have had their VFX updated, with unique shroom explosions where it made sense. **Astronaut Teemo** should now feel like an actual 1350. **Cottontail Teemo** received some extra love. _Base Teemo (and skins using his base effects)_ _Astronaut Teemo_ _Cottontail Teemo_ _Super Teemo and Panda Teemo's shroom explosions_ Video of all the changes: **Please use this thread to give feedback on Teemo's VFX. Please leave any questions about other champs to their thread when we post it in the near future.**
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