Changes to match history and API regarding unranked games

**TL;DR: We’re updating the Riot Games API policy so third party websites can once again display your Normal game data. Match history will be changed so it’s consistent with the API.** * What exactly does this mean for my Normal stats? Here’s how each system is being changed: 1) *Match history in-client and website* You’ll be able to view anyone’s unranked match history instead of just friends’. 2) *Riot Games API* Developers will be able to display match history for unranked games as they would ranked games (*meaning they can again access normal stats*), with a few policy considerations to make sure the data is not abused. * Unranked data was available before. Why did it change in the first place? Back in 2014, we decided unranked game data should only be available to your friends. We broke it down like this: ranked games should be a matter of public record, unranked should be visible to you and your friends, and customs are just for you. You can read that announcement here: As part of this decision, we wanted to ensure that third party developers were not publicly showing any unranked data. We didn’t enforce this decision until the old client was deprecated a couple years later (which is why [this thread]( came up). * Why are we reverting now? We think the benefit of transparency outweighs the risk of revealing unranked data. It’s been accessible on third party sites for some time, and we haven’t seen any significant worrying trends™. Many players primarily play unranked games, and those players want to be able to track their stats and scout their opponents. All players should have access to the compelling experiences third party devs create with the API. * What’s changing for third party sites? We’ll revise the [Developer Portal]( data policies on the aggregation and display of unranked games and add guidelines on how this data should be used. For example, community developers are free to list unranked match history, but not to use any data to shame players (like a Worst Teemo NA site or something). The policy will also state that any third party challenges or contests should always be healthy for the game. “Win five games as Jhin” is cool. “Extend the game to 60 minutes in solo queue” is not. Developers can display aggregated statistics to provide win rates, KDA, or other measures of player performance, but the queues used to aggregate these stats must be clearly identified. For example, if devs wanted to display a player’s Fiora stats they’d need to identify which queues were used to determine their win rate, KDA, etc. * What about custom games? Custom game history will still only be visible to you. * When does this change come into effect? Sometime during patch 7.17!
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