Preseason & Runes 7.22 Update

Hey, everyone! It’s Riot Sparkle, back with another Runes Reforged & Preseason update today. No graphics this time, sorry. :) Runes Reforged just went live on all regions, and we’ve found a few bugs with this massive change (surprise!). Some bugs can be fixed this patch but other fixes will come in the 7.23 patch. Here's a list of runes bugs we're currently aware of and actively working to solve.** _Runes Bug Hit List_ - **BUG:** The runes editing window closes when the last player has locked in their champion (“loadout stage”), resulting in a lot of confusion and unfinished pages. Then the dropdown shows/selects the wrong page. Also known as “the annoying AF champ select bug”. **FIX: **We are currently working on a fix for this. Top priority bug, but it looks like it’s a somewhat complicated one. - **BUG:** Settings for runes are not saving between pages or log out (long description checkbox and grid mode). **FIX: ** The fix for this one should go out in 7.23 - **BUG: ** Renaming rune pages sometimes bugs out. This bug may make it look like your page isn’t saving - but it’s usually only the name. To avoid this bug, hit the save button instead of hitting "Enter" when making the title for a page. **FIX:** We’re working on this bug at the moment. - ** BUG:** Tooltips are broken or incorrect in different languages. **FIX: ** Currently working on these and work will be ongoing. - ** BUG: **Sometimes the runes panel crashes in champion select and you're left unable to edit your rune page. The window will either show up black or not show up at all. **FIX (?): **We’re still investigating this one but haven't found a consistent way to make this happen. It would help us a lot if you post your logs in the comments if you hit this bug! - ** WAIT, NO EMERGENCY GAMEPLAY BUGS?: ** There are currently no game breaking bugs that we know of right now (game crashes, one shot PBE Nunu etc.). We’ll be fixing these as we find them. *FIX:* We’ll be monitoring and fixing these ones as they're discovered. **Please note this is not a comprehensive list, just wanted to hit the big ones here. Special shout out to our early bird players for helping us catch all of these! Thank you all for your patience as we work through these. Okay and now for something completely different. We’ve seen some questions crop up around Preseason rewards and we wanted to do a little review of all the important bits regarding your goodies. [Check out the longer FAQ for more in depth answers and additional questions around Preseason]( _Quick Rewards FAQ_ **Q:** I just logged in but I don’t see my rewards. Where are they? **A: **You should receive your Preseason rewards after completing one game of League (check your missions panel!). And yes, you must complete that game. No AFK’ing or disconnecting early. **Q: **Wait, so I finished my game but my Blue Essence total looks the same. Did I not get my Blue Essence? **A:** After you complete your game, head over to the Loot tab. It should have a glowing dot next to it. You can open your Blue Essence orbs there to add them to your total. **Q: ** I saw that I was receiving Epic Skins, how do I see which ones I got? **A:** A pop up notification should show up the same way [as if a friend had gifted you]( after you complete your game. Occasionally, this notification will time out before you see it. If that happens, click the notification bell to see if you received your Epic skin(s). If you don’t receive your Epic skins (double check your store history to make sure) please [send us a support ticket]( and we can help you out. _A Note About Preseason Rewards & Realm Transferring _ If you are one of the folks who specifically transferred to a _new server when it had just opened_ and you feel you did not get the correct rewards for games playes and runes purchased, please [send us a support ticket with your account information]( We’re aware of some issues with account history not transferring properly with newly opened servers specifically. If you transferred to an existing server using the regular Store interface (ex: NA → EUW etc.) you should not experience any issues with your rewards. ----------------------------------- **EDIT:** If you are experiencing FPS drops, match history of your game(s) would really help us! Extra credit if you can get us your Game-R3d Log from the game you experienced poor FPS in (possibly on a pastebin). You can find it here: C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Logs\Game - R3d Logs These 2 pieces of info will help us a lot in figuring out what's causing this
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