Baron changes for 8.10/11

Hello just wanted to quickly talk about the 8.10 and 8.11 changes to Baron, Encounter Design: - Distribute more damage over the backline to reduce the emphasis on having a pure tank in your comp to be able to take Baron (ie. allow more solo queue style comps to take Barons). - Increase Baron's health so that he takes longer to do, but does less damage. This is more similar to the Elder model; Epic objectives exist as a means to drive conflict/create emergent gameplay. - Typically when Baron (or Epics in general) do too much damage or are overly tactical encounters, the only time they get taken is when there is 0% risk (this typically makes it an uninteresting low tension encounter). - Reward teams for good vision control. Other: - Can understand the desire for a "raid boss" style Baron encounter, don't think SR is the right place for that given that he has been tuned that way in the past (when SRU launched) and resulted in an overly tactical encounter that is too hard to take in all-but ace situations, rather than fulfilling the strategic and pacing goals set for it. - We want to increase the overall number of times that Baron gets started (but not necessarily finished). - Having said that, his tuning is intentionally close to the floor of where it can be (this is a correction for regular play vs pro play). With regards to soloing: - Champions should be able to exert their power when fed. There is intended to be some variance in which champions are able to do well on standing DPS checks and not (and makes these champs feel special and have different forms of counterplay - be careful of fast barons when Udyr/Yi/WW/Nunu are in the game). - Granted, if non-fed champions are able to solo Baron too quickly (they are meant to take a long time), I agree that's a problem. Let me know if you have questions!
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