Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 16

Hi folks, Not too much to mention today, we're pretty focused on mid-season work at present so less to talk about right now. As far as mid-season itself goes we should be in a position to talk a lot of details in a few weeks at a guess. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **MR/level** One of the issues we've been looking at for our mid-season defensive item work is whether we should be adjusting MR/level to account for the removal of Aegis aura in the pre-season last year. That aura, even at only 10 or 15 MR, composed a meaningful proportion of some champions total MR in many games, which has left those champs significantly more vulnerable to magic damage. We're testing giving a small amount of MR per level (0.5 at present) to champs who don't currently have any as a result. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Karthus** Touching on Karthus since he's been asked about a fair bit recently and he's one of those champs we haven't talked about in a while. We don't have any current plans for Karthus, we are keeping a closer eye on him than usual right now though because of the Exhaust nerf that just went through (want to see how much that does/doesn't impact him). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Some 7.7 Balance Changes** We've just started our work on 7.7. We're still planning out what exactly we'll be focusing on, some likely candidates though include buffs to Lissandra (since we didn't find something we were happy with in 7.6) and Bard plus a nerf to Graves. Less certain are possible Lux and Kassadin buffs plus another look at Udyr and consideration of some other junglers. Aatrox followup's very possible, though what depends on how he performs over the next week or so of course. More details to follow.
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