Feature/QoL change/Idea Generator for 2018 and beyond!

EDIT: this has been awesome so far! Thanks for keeping this productive :) lots of great ideas coming in, and a fair amount that overlap with some tuff were already talking about which is great to see! Also some cool unique ideas that I haven't seen before so keep em coming! About a month ago I replied to a post stating that we don’t always pivot to requests/demands that come up on social media since it can be pretty disruptive to our usual development plans. While I still stand by that, I thought there might a productive way that we could work together with you guys, our players, to continue making League the best game it can be now and into the future. You’re just as passionate about League as we are, so deliberately tapping into that more than we currently are could help surface some really killer ideas. We’re starting to hammer out our roadmaps for the next year, and while I can’t promise we’ll be able to get around to anything that comes up in this thread, it’d be awesome to actually plan for some of the cool ideas you guys have if they seem realistic for us to do, are impactful for players, and don't overlap too substantially with some of our other plans. Squeezing ideas in randomly throughout the year when we run into them on social media is great, but going about it deliberately may help us be more consistent with getting around to more of them. Now, to put a little structure in place, I want you guys to think of this as though you ran into Tryndamere on an elevator somewhere and needed to quickly sell him on your idea and why it’s one of the best things we can make for players. Pretend you only have 30-45 seconds to do it, so be concise, be convincing, and think about each word you use! Disclaimer: While my primary day to day focus is around actual gameplay, feel free to make suggestions for anything League related - just know that ideas will get a highly variable amount of scrutiny from members on different teams internally. I’m also not creating this to be the next meme machine - it should just be a fun, organic way for the community so show what ideas they have to make League great! Now...how to structure your pitch for us and other players to see! **Feature/Suggestion Name:** _If you were to tell someone the name of your idea, what would it be?_ **Opportunity/Problem Statement:** _What problem are you trying to solve? 1-3 sentences_ **Brief Description:** _Describe your idea in 1-3 sentences._ **Target Audience:** _Who cares about this? Ranked players? New Players? LCS viewers? Everyone?_ **Mockups/Screenshots:** _If your pitch requires something visual to get the point across._ Since few of you have probably done something like this before, if you're stuck feel free to use my example at the bottom of this post as a reference point! It's below the next section around guidelines and expectation **Guidelines/ Expectation Setting: 1. Once again, there’s no guarantee we’ll do any of these, but if there’s something that comes up that seems really really cool, I’d be surprised if we didn’t find a way to make it happen in 2018 and beyond! 2. We may end up implementing something that has no upvotes, but pass on the three most popular ideas - but ideas with a lot of upvotes by nature will probably get more visibility/discussion 3. If you like someone’s idea - please just upvote it as opposed to replying with a +1, or replying with suggestions for how they should change their idea - I want to keep this as focused as possible. 4. Don’t spam post your idea multiple times to drown out others. 5. Please don’t troll with your posts, I want this to be a fun idea generator and will probably look to get troll posts removed 6. Balance opinions are off the table - Telling us to delete Teemo or to gut Twitch are not ideas and will not be actioned on. 7. Champ rework requests also not applicable ** **EXAMPLE IDEA PITCH:** **Feature/Suggestion Name:** Enemy Vision Here Ping **Opportunity/Problem Statement:** As a jungler I constantly find myself walking through a bush on my way to gank a lane only to be told “oh that was warded” after the fact. I just want a way for people to quickly warn me that there’s vision so I can find a more creative path that skirts around it, or just go elsewhere. Nothing sucks more than sitting in a bush for 45 seconds hoping the enemy moves far enough forward for you to gank, only to have a ward die right underneath you. **Brief Description:** Like the rest of the pings that already exist, it would be great to have one that has a unique symbol/minimap icon/audio queue that lets it stand out from the rest of the pings so that players can easily communicate with each other, maybe even leading to less toxicity! **Target Audience:** Any player with good map awareness! **Mockups/Screenshots:** https://imgur.com/WBXWzvV While I can’t guarantee a reply to any posts, several of us are going to be paying attention to this thread over the next few weeks and beyond, so don’t feel like you’re being ignored Enjoy your time with friends and family over the holidays!
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