Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 20

Hi folks, More words below. Hope the start of the week's treating you all well so far. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Clarity work underway** We've got some work going on right now aimed at better surfacing various particular bits of information, belief being that some things that could have really interesting and engaging gameplay are being held back by how hard it is to track and appreciate their impact. Some things we're looking at include: * Improvements to the the health bar and surrounding UI to allow it to convey extra information clearly (status effects like the gold invulnerability UI we added last year) * At least a couple of additional end of game stats (likely candidates for a first round at least are damage to objectives and vision granted) * Attribution visual effects that will be used for a range of spells and items that don't currently create a clear enough link between caster and target (e.g. a general looking blue zap that's used if you're on blue team and target someone with Mikael's, Exhaust, Face of the Mountain etc) Not certain yet when those changes will be ready, possible some of them are in mid-season though. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **More balance changes being tested** We're about to start a new PBE cycle tomorrow, all going according to plan. Since my last post we've also started looking at a few more potential changes, which include: * Alistar - buffs to passive and E (update last year made him healthier we think so should be able to put a bit more power into him) * Camile - W no longer healing off non champions, W slow scaling by rank instead of a flat 80% ( targeting laning phase sustain and gank assist) * J4 - buff testing shifting W from bonus shield per champ nearby to max health scaling (part of our pass on junglers that need a bit of help) * Volibear - buff to R, with more bounces and improved bounce logic (another from the jungler pass) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Ninja Tabi** Mentioning this again since it seems to be a point of some confusion at present. We have no current plans to nerf Ninja Tabi. They are being bought a lot, that looks like a natural reaction to a lot of games with multiple AD threats/champs buying Lethality however, rather than Ninja Tabi themselves being way out of line. Right now at least we'll be leaving them unchanged as a result (they're a counter that's being used as intended).
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