[INTRO] Brian "FeralPony" Feeney - Live Gameplay Design Lead

**WHO AM I?** Hello folks, I’m Brian ‘FeralPony’ Feeney. I’m currently the Lead Designer of the Live Gameplay Team, we’re a team responsible for much of the patch to patch design improvements and game balance for previously released content. I’ve worked on a lot of different design teams in my 5 years here including Champions, Champion Reworks/Updates, Game Balance, Systems Design, and Game Clarity. Prior to joining Riot, I was finished my Comp Science degree and got my Masters in Teaching (focusing on Math and Science teaching). I also worked on a farm for many years in my youth picking up a lot of scars and injuries from boars, cattle, and bees. I play almost every game genre, including board games and sports, and have been super interested recently in how psychology and perception influence people’s experience with games. I also nerd out over cool game design blogs, books, and rulebook writing for board games. **WHAT AM I GOING TO TALK ABOUT?** I’ll generally be talking about League of Legends similar to Meddler, with a focus on shorter term “where the game is currently at” and “what we’re looking at in the short term”. I may also deep dive some specific choices we’ve made/are making in regards to game balance etc but those’ll be pretty ad-hoc. I may also bring up some seemingly random tangential non-league stuff about game design that has been chewing away in the back of my mind I’d love to get additional opinions and thoughts on! **WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO HEAR FROM ME?** This is a question for you guy, so it feels weird to answer it, but I’m pretty open here. Nothing is inherently off the table, but I’ll play it by ear. I can talk about current work, any random game design stuff, past projects, etc. What would you folks like to hear from me?
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