Welcome to the Dev Corner - An Introduction

Hey all, With preseason 2016 kicking off, we also figured that now would be a good time to try out some new ways to engage. First: goals. **We want to build a sustainable channel of casual communication between Riot developers and the community.** In an ideal world, this would be scalable for all languages (although I wonder about the conversation overload), but until our developers learn other languages, we're going to try this dev corner. For now, I believe all regions can login and comment, but if you're not speaking English there's a high chance we won't understand. Anyway. Welcome to the (presently named) Dev Corner. This is going to be an experimental communications channel for teams at Riot to have a conversation about, well, pretty much anything to do with designing League of Legends. We're a little different from our delightful Engineering Tech Blog (https://engineering.riotgames.com/), as the primary focus is going to be on *design* discussion, with the potential to branch out to other topics in the future. Additionally, we're going to aiming for *rapid iteration*, which is highfalutin talk for wanting to try out a lot of different things, ranging from... * Low-scope dev blogs - Don't expect any pretty formatting, but we should be able to talk about more interesting behind-the-scenes dev work, faster. * Office hours - Ever want to just... chat? It's tough for some on a busy work schedule, but maybe office hours can bring some consistency to it all. * Open forum discussions - Every month or two we'll get a team together for a nice, pleasant open discussion where nothing can go wrong and everyone will be pleasant. * State of the Game! - Every now and then (maybe a quarter?) we'll assemble the design leads of League to talk a bit more about... wait for it... The State of the Game. * ... and more! - In reality, while we have a few ideas about what we want to put in here, a lot of the content & discussion we push forward with will probably be with your feedback. We're looking forward to seeing what sticks. Have an additional FAQ where the Qs aren't actually FA, they're just ones I figured you'd ask so I'm answering them now (I'll add to this as we go): ***Why'd you make this?*** We had two challenges to solve: one was to figure out a way for developers to engage with players in a quick and easy way. Two: make more constructed conversations around specific topics. This lets us accomplish both. ***What about the boards?*** I'm going to be honest about the challenge of the boards: while there's a lot of great discussion there, it's often challenging to dive deep for an extended period of time. Hopefully we can set an example here of good, constructive conversation that will spill out into the boards, and vice versa. ***PLACEHOLDER FOR OTHER THINGS***
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