[FOLLOWUP] Juggernaut Items

Hi folks, Following up on the Juggernaut itemization changes made in patch 5.16, particularly the additions of Dead Man's Plate, Titanic Hydra, and Sterak's Gage, I wanted to quickly go over our thoughts on the current state of these items. **Original Goals (for the 08/20/2015 Release)** * Offer Juggernauts items that meet their specific needs and provide a foundation for future juggernaut item diversity * Use stat bindings to ensure those items can be balanced for juggernauts, rather than being superior on other classes. * Stat bindings refers to the statistics that a champion kit encourages its players to itemize for, e.g. Marksmen with Attack Speed and Critical Strike **What's Working (as of 1/25/2015)** * All the updated Juggernauts use some of these items in their builds to solve the problems they were meant to address * No metagolem - stacking all these items together doesn’t dominate all other builds * Clear item satisfaction created by thematic linkage (e.g. Black Cleaver on Darius) and visual effects/audio (e.g. Dead Man’s Plate’s trail) * Non-Juggernauts aren’t using these items excessively or unfairly (stat binding works) **Problems to Address (as of 1/25/2015)** * Non reworked juggernauts have pretty hodgepodge itemization * Dead Man’s Plate remains too strong and is crowding out other choices * Unclear if Dead Man’s Plate and Black Cleaver correct an intended juggernaut weakness (immobility) too effectively * Titanic Hydra has very few users (lack of health-bound, Basic Attack-oriented champions) **Known Tradeoffs** * Juggernauts are well-supported with core items, but have few choices to make other than order/build path. **Next Steps** * Look to improve bindings on other Juggernauts (e.g. Nasus and Udyr) * Further reduce Dead Man’s Plate’s power and assess other similar items * Assess who should use Titanic Hydra and changes needed to make it attractive to them * Discuss frameworks for use of flat MS versus % MS and in what ways items should or shouldn’t offset class weaknesses.

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