Odyssey Buffs (September 25th)

Hello everyone! With the Odyssey game mode half over, we've decided to buff a few of the augments and characters to open up some additional ways to succeed. Good luck completing your missions with the remaining two weeks! The hotfix should be live by End of Day September 25th. (Tooltips will NOT be up to date) **SONA** Passive Augment: Staccato deals _+125%_ more damage (up from +75%) Rowdy: Next cast gains _+100%_ damage (up from 50%) Retrograde: Deals _5_ x Level + _50%_ AP damage to nearby enemies (up from 4 x Level + 36% AP) Harsh: Gains _100%_ of her AP as Base AD (up fro 75%) Drop: Deals _750 + 75% AP_ damage (up from 500 + 50% AP) **MALPHITE** Volatile: Deals _200_ + 20% Armor + 35% AP damage on shield break (up from 100 + 20% Armor + 35% AP) Landslide: Deals _100%_ more damage (up from 75%) Goliath: Gains _3%_ size and bonus damage per 100 bonus HP (up from 2%) **JINX** Runaway: Deals _40%_ bonus damage for each target hit (up from 30%)
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