Wukong Update- Now In Active Development!

Hi everyone, It's been a while since Meddler first spoke to you about a potential Wukong update, which eventually made its way to the PBE and got a lot of positive feedback. As you may have seen last week, we’ve been hard at work on our big preseason update. Now that we’re wrapping it up, we’re taking the opportunity to finish what we started with Wukong. It’s taken longer than we wanted it to, but I'm happy to announce that I'm helping push Wukong’s update across the finish before the end of this year. We want to take this opportunity to improve Wukong and give him some new tools to succeed in Season 10 and beyond. These tools will include alternative build paths that focus on higher durability, and new ways to capitalize on Wukong’s tricky nature. Since we have a lot of other projects underway, and since Wukong fans have been waiting so long, we want to ship this update at its current scope as fast as possible. **For context, here's my plan for tackling the update:** 1. Reconfirm the direction of the changes (both internally and with Wukong players) 2. Determine what (if any) mechanics changes need to be made 3. Balance the change list with the help of our SR and play test teams 4. Find and/or build suitable visual effects that we feel meet our shippable quality bar 5. Fix about 25 bugs created as a result of these changes **And here's a high level look at the biggest changes:** > * P- Wukong gains a large amount of resistances when near 3+ enemy Champions. In addition, he gains bonus attack range on his next basic attack after using any ability > > * Q- Physical damage reduced, but deals bonus magic damage that also heals Wukong. Passively, Wukong and his clones add stacking marks against their target, increasing the damage they deal by a percentage > > * W- Wukong now stealths and dashes to a nearby target location (leaving behind a clone), and can be used to jump small walls. The clone lasts a few seconds and can't move but will attack things close to it for 50% damage (applies on-hit effects) > > * E- now creates clones that also dash towards nearby targets, masking the real Wukong's target. The clones are considered units and can intercept spells and be targeted > > * R- can now be canceled early by using another ability **Why these changes?** Our goal is to open up additional play styles for Wukong without invalidating his glass cannon lethality build. One of these styles leans into a more tanky, extended team fight bruiser archetype. The extra durability and sustain can let Wukong survive in fights for multiple spell rotations, giving him more chances to outplay his opponents. This is especially fun given the new focus on being a "trickster" Champion. With his new clone and dash mechanics (and the ability to hop walls), Wukong players can now engage in a more cerebral and diabolical style of fighting it they wish to. **Want to help?** If you're a passionate Wukong player or top lane main, I want to hear from you! Let me know what parts of this change list excite you and/or concern you. Just know that we had an extensive feedback period earlier this year, and my job is largely to push this change list across the finish line, so please don't expect a massive overhaul to what's being proposed above. -Lutzburg

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