Janna Hotfix Context

Hey folks! As you’re reading this, we just finished deploying a balance hotfix for Janna as follow-up on our changes to her on 7.19. The goals for the initial changelist were pretty simple, if a Janna wants to win lane, she has to interact and engage with her lane opponents in ways she didn’t have to before. We wanted to make playing as Janna feel more rewarding when played well while giving her opponents the opportunity to actually outplay her in lane, instead of just watching her sitting behind her ADC and shielding their way through lane. Before shipping, we took the deliberate approach of not over nerfing Janna considering that we were working on reshaping Ardent Censer in parallel to her kit changes. We judged that a world where both her and the item were nerfed substantially to be a worse world, and planned our changes to that. At the end of the day, we concluded that she had the potential to be strong on release, but firmly believed that when properly tuned, the direction of this new play pattern would result in a Janna that was healthier for League. In light of that, we made plans to quickly follow up based on her day one metrics if need be, which is why we’ve pushed out our balance hotfix to her today. We’ll also continue to be pay attention to both to her and Ardent Censer closely for the new few weeks. Ultimately, with how hot of a topic Janna has been recently, you might be wondering why we didn’t just hold off on Janna for another patch, or why we shipped her like this. To us, it felt more valuable to put a change out we were far happier with directionally than leave her in her current state for another two weeks. It’s important to note that the extra time of internal playtesting likely wouldn’t have resulted in a drastic increase in confidence in this changelist, especially not when compared to the millions of games we can get from around the world in a matter of hours once we go Live. So, if you’re a Janna main (or enthusiast, or someone who just bopped her in lane), feel free to let us know what you think about her changes! The changes that we shipped an hour and a half ago: **Base Stats** Base Movement Speed :: 335 >>> 320 Base Health :: 525 >>> 500 Base Mana :: 409.52 >>> 350 **Zephyr (W)** Cost :: 40/50/60/70/80 >>> 50/60/70/80/90
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