Game On Ward Skin SNAFU

Thanks to everyone for calling this out. Here’s what happened: Our site and our store incorrectly listed the Game On Ward Skin as part of the Mini Boss Set and a bunch of people bought the set expecting the ward skin. First things first: _**anyone that purchased the Mini Boss Set up until 9:00 am PT on 8/11/17 will be granted the Game On Ward Skin.** _ Now, how did a small indie company let this happen? I personally want to apologize if this year’s Arcade promotions are feeling rushed. We started out earlier in the week with changing the price of the Dungeon Pass from 2600 RP down to 1495 RP. When we were planning the Dungeon Pass, it was always supposed to be 1495 RP. The team thought we made the change, but I failed to verify that it was made until the last moment. This started a series of other checks to make sure we had set up everything as we intended, but we missed the ward skin. The plan for the Mini Boss Set to provide more stuff for people that decided to buy all three skins together. Since we don’t put new skins on sale at launch anymore, we looked at what else we could add to them. The microsite had the discount listed as 4053 RP (22% off of the 5220 RP price) for the three skins (no discount), three summoner icons (1 RP each), and three Hextech Crafting items (free). Adding in the ward skin would have jumped the initial cost up to 5860 RP. As we ramp up our abilities to do more events like these (and bigger ones like VS.), we know we need to improve. There's no excuses for these types of errors. Again, we’re really sorry this happened. Please hit me up with any questions. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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