Help us make 3 minigames in 48 hours! (Team Jam Packed - Thunderdome XI)

**tl;dr Vote on the themes below. The top 3 will be used to make minigames in 48 hours!** Hey everyone, Every so often at Riot, we run an internal 48-hour hackathon called [Thunderdome]( Last year, Team Player Voted Content (PVC) built and shipped an unofficial minigame, [Ziggs Arcade Blast]( We were super excited to see many of you participating in the discussion, giving your input during development, and ultimately enjoying the game! This year, we’re getting the gang back together—plus a few more—for one last hurrah, and to mark the occasion… we wanna go bigger. Presenting **JAM PACKED**: 3 teams. 3 minigames. 48 hours. And we need your help. (Almost) anything goes. No restrictions on engine, platform or genre. Discord shitposting. And a whole lot of caffeine. We’re gonna take you along every step of the way, but first, we need your input! Below you’ll see a list of themes in the League universe. Vote on your favorite, and the top 3 will be used to make the upcoming minigames. Voting will close on March 9 @ midday PST. _Big disclaimers so I don’t get in trouble: Typically the goal of Thunderdome projects isn't to ship something to the public, and it's important to note that this isn’t the team’s main goal either. We want to focus on openly sharing the dev process with everyone. This will likely be the last time we ship something directly from a Thunderdome team, so let’s go out with a jam._ _These games, unlike League of Legends, Blitzcrank’s Poro Roundup, Mechs vs Minions, etc., are NOT official Riot products. When and if we get them into your hands, they’re probably going to be buggy, janky and unfinished, but we’re aiming to share them anyway. We cool? We cool._ * **You can follow us now on: ** * * * … and we’ll have a Discord server set up closer to launch! Voting will close on March 9 @ midday PST, and development will officially begin on March 14 @ 12pm PST.
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