So, Normal Draft...

Hey folks, We want to clear up our plans for Normal Draft queues in various regions around the world. [Earlier today]( we announced that we've turned off Normal Draft in every region except for NA, EUW, and BR. Specifically, this means turning it off in EUNE, LAS, LAN, TR, and KR. This didn't affect other regions, where the queue was already inactive. We caused confusion by saying that "in an ideal world" we'd retire Normal Draft in NA, EUW, and BR. **We have no current plans to do so**. Ultimately, we **would** like to take the best aspects of both normal queues (position preference from Normal Draft and less hardcore gameplay/speedy champion select from Blind Pick) into a single queue. In the regions where Normal Draft was disabled, it had very low participation. Our concern going into the launch of Flex is that having many similar queue options will result in a lot of low quality experiences rather than a few good quality ones. In other regions where we've already turned off Normal Draft, we'll keep listening to your feedback through the preseason as we start to see how the new queues perform and evaluate based on how healthy things are looking. In the end, we'll customize each region's queue system to best support its players. {{item:3187}}___ _{{item:3187}}
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