Victorious Aatrox Ult Form Wing Updates

Hey everyone, We want to give you a heads up that we’ve made some changes to Victorious Aatrox. When the skin hit PBE, we discovered some pretty serious issues with how his World Ender wings interact with certain runes and items.[img] _[Aatrox normal Ult wings, with Conqueror, and Zhonya’s]_ _[Oof, oops!]_ In order to fix this, we’ve adjusted the wings to a solid, bulkier silhouette. The initial feedback we saw around him feeling too sleek and lightweight helped determine the aesthetic we wanted to give this new version. We didn’t feel we could successfully add more armor to his look without coming too close to the Justicar skin, but hope the new wings help his most powerful moments feel harder-hitting.[img] _[Aatrox new Ult wings]_ These changes will go into effect before his launch, so this is the version you’ll get if you’ve reached Gold or higher in non-TFT ranked queues. Riot Eggo McLego {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}

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