Preseason Healthbar Update v2

Hey folks, we're back on PBE with another iteration on the updated healthbars and we need your feedback on the changes. The theme of this iteration is Familiar Plus Goodies. **Changes are as follows:** - Champ meters are now the same width as live and just a bit taller. - Champ meter colors should be much closer to live values. - Normal damage hangs around a tiny bit longer - similar to live. - New spell shield border. - All borders should look cleaner. - Themed secondary resources like Corki, Jhin, etc still need a bunch of polish - feedback is still valid, but we are aware of their stylistic issues. - Kled is fixed. - Grey health should be much clearer. - Burst damage is brighter on the left and darker on the right hand side to make current health more visible at all times. - Extra life and unkillable icons got tweaks. - Shred and defense up icons and systems have been simplified. - Mana missing bug fixed (related to the manaflow band rune). - CC text now has a text gradient. - Level numbers should be centered (hopefully the fix sticks this time). **Upcoming:** - Resource polish (as mentioned above). - Tower death and Nexus animations. - Level number colors. **New Burst** **Live Burst**
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