Mid Year Mage Updates - Cassiopeia Direction

Hi all, It's time for the post where we talk about the direction we want to take Cassiopeia. Now that we've done a few of these, you probably know what to expect from this, but in case you've missed those ones, I'll reiterate. This will not be an exhaustive list of the exact mechanics changes or numerical changes you can expect to see in the update, as that is all still pending. Instead, I hope this informs interested parties in the _kinds_ of things they can expect to see. When it came to deciding which mages we wanted to update with this group, we knew we wanted to get to Cassiopeia, but we actually had a pretty hard time trying to determine what exactly we wanted to accomplish on her. As I've mentioned previously, there isn't a prescriptive formula we can apply to all these various mages to ultimately achieve the best results for each of them, but here's what we're thinking for Cass. A lot of players have asked for "Poison Mage" when talking about Cassiopeia. This update _does not_ intend to make Cassiopeia a "Poison Mage," at least not in a way that some players seem to desire (or fear, depending on your stance). To truly make her a "Poison Mage" would require large alterations to the champion that may achieve that feeling, but that we ultimately thought would no longer be Cassiopeia. That said, Cassiopeia is a mage that utilizes poisons, and it currently feels like there is not enough power allocated to these parts of her kit, so we'd like to redistribute some power in the kit off of Twin Fang and Aspect of the Serpent, and into other areas. If you don't like Cassiopeia because you expected a "Poison Mage" out of her and didn't get one, then you may not still like her following these changes. If you don't like Cassiopeia because the way Twin Fang works makes her feel one-dimensional, then hopefully this will appeal to you. At the end of the day, we do think Twin Fang is important to the identity of Cassiopeia, but the power budget that has been allocated to it is a bit out of whack. Let's get into some expectations. Feel free to drop some questions/comments below if anything is unclear. This isn't a heavily wordsmithed post, so there's likely some stuff I don't say correctly the first time. * **Here's some stuff we're happy with about Cassiopeia and are unlikely to change:** * Despite facing gameplay not being perfect, Petrifying Gaze provides some really cool high moments. * Twin Fang as a high cadence spell. * Twin Fang's power being unlocked by Poisons. * Cassiopeia feels swift and deadly. * **Here's some stuff we're less happy with and are actively trying to resolve:** * Aspect of the Serpent forces a carry curve in an unnatural, somewhat feel-bad way. * Poisoning should be more about harming/disabling enemies than empowering Cassiopeia. * The amount of power allocated to Twin Fang makes Cassiopeia feel one dimensional. * Noxious Blast and Miasma's targeting types can result in lame "place your circles here" gameplay. * Miasma's output (damage/slow) isn't very interesting and doesn't feel particularly "poison-y." * **Here's what I hope (these designs are still in progress) will be true of Cassiopeia following her changes:** * Cassiopeia will still feel like Cassiopeia and not "brand new LoL Poison Mage." Tweaks here and there, but still Cassiopeia. * Cassiopeia's poison spells will feel like they stand alone rather than feeling like slaves to Twin Fang. * Cassiopeia will still be pretty heavy on the inputs side of things, namely frequency. * Avoiding getting poisoned will still feel like one of the main things you're thinking about when playing against Cassiopeia. * Poisons will feel less like generic DoTs. * Cassiopeia still feels like a medium-short range mage. That's about all I've got for now. Again, if anything is unclear, or if you have further questions, ask it below. Cheers, Repertoir
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