RGM brain dump Star Guardian sparkle edition

Heya guys, I've seen lots of cool questions/thoughts floating around RE the new Star Guardian Invasion mode and League PvE in general. I'll collect some of my thoughts here but feel free to ask any other sparkle questions if you want. I'll lurk in thread here during today. Shining Bright ~♪ http://i.imgur.com/Q3MqMCt.jpg --------------------------- **"The premade missions for Star Guardian feel bad. :( I'm a solo player and just want to get the ward skin/random champ.."** _TL;DR: You can earn either of the Star Guardian rewards as a solo player, no premades required. If you want to collect 'both', you'll also need to complete the premade missions._ We've seen a fair bit of confusion on these missions and that's totally on us. The way we laid out the missions in the tab makes it hard to see what is part of a chain, which ones are solo/premade and how many tokens each one gives. We can do better here for future events. RE premade missions in general, we'll look at the aftermath of Star Guardian and decide if we want to do them again in the future. We DO like the things to do inside the missions (complete with the original/new Star Guardian team, crazy comps, etc), but there's a discussion to be had about whether or not that should 'require' a premade. The premade requirements even prevent some cool emergent moments where you PUG a group, complete a mission and then don't get credit for it... #feelsbadman ------------------------------ **"The HARD missions are like.... hard.."** Yeah... git gud? :3 ------------------------------ **"I want to play Invasion using "Champion X". Will I ever be able to?"** We're not against this idea at all. For modes that have a smaller champ pool initially (Blood Moon, Star Guardian), we're quite interested in swapping out those champ pools to add new flavour as the modes return. We actually wanted to do it for Blood Moon just past recently, but didn't have time due to Star Guardian creeping up on us. :P Hopefully for the next runs of some of these modes, we can look at shifting or changing the champ pools. It comes at the cost though of needing to make sure each champ works or makes sense in the mode. Each champ in Star Guardian has a place and their abilities do something useful (Poppy blocks monsters, Soraka silence, Janna Whirlwind to cancel channels) so we'd need to think carefully each additional champ. EG: Without substantial effort, champs like Ivern, Kindred, Rengar, etc would be unable to execute on their core fantasy. --------------------------------------- **"Will you guys do more PvE now?"** We've been dabbling in PvE since the first Doom Bots, and refined it again for The Teemoing version of that mode. Star Guardian is a different take on PvE in LoL, and I think there's probably even more angles or facets to explore, still lurking within League's superstructure. Questions like "Would you ever do an adventure mode?" or "Will you make a Diablo style dungeon?" are su~uper lofty. Those are often entire games made over many many years with gigantic teams of talented people. I think there's certainly interesting elements within those games/genres that would be fun to boil down and play with inside a League ecosystem, but it's too early to make any kind of commitment to something as huge as a "dungeon mode". For now, we hope you enjoy Star Guardian Invasion, and we're in there defending the city alongside you guys! :D -------------------------------- **"Should I focus the Vel'Koz?"** (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) YEEEEAAAAAHHH!!
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