Incoming: Some Introductions!

Hi gang, As we're getting to figure out dev corner content for 2016, we thought it would also be good to get some of our more prominent designers and design leads introduced so you can get a feel for what we're working on and who's focused on what. We're doing this to set the foundation for a series of personal **dev blogs** on evergreen topics like our balance philosophy, champion design, systems interactions, and so on. Over the course of the next few weeks, you'll hear from some of the team with a rundown of their interests, past work, and what they'll want to write about next year. They'll also stick around for a bit during the day to field questions or source any topic inspiration from you! So if you really want to hear more about designing Cinderhulk from our lead systems designer, or what went into the recent batch of marksmen updates, hang out! I'll try to keep you updated every **Monday** on the upcoming schedule of designer introductions. All in all, before the holidays kick in, you should at least hear from: * Greg **'Riot Ghostcrawler'** Street - Design Director, League of Legends * Andrei **'Meddler'** Van Roon - Lead Designer, League of Legends * Mark '**RiotScruffy** Yetter - Lead Designer, Champions & Champion Update * Joseph **'Fearless'** Graylock - Lead Designer, Gameplay Systems * Brian **'FeralPony'** Feeney - Lead Designer, Live Gameplay * James **'Statikk'** Bach - Lead Designer, Champion Update * Jeevun **'RiotJag'** Sidhu - Designer, Live Gameplay & Champions * August **'gypsylord'** Browning - Designer, Champions & Gameplay Systems * ... and me. See you soon~
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