Crit Item Explorations

Hi everyone, I’m here to talk a bit about crit items, bouncing some ideas and getting some discussion going. The exact details are still in flux; don’t want to get caught up on “this number is too big/small” (feedback is still welcome), but am curious to see what you all think and are excited about (either in this post or not) as well as general thoughts. Note: None of these things are guaranteed to ship. Our current goals for this project (which are subject to change): * Crit users have an item path they are excited about. * Crit users have defensive options that aren’t way off curve. * Crit users are more satisfying in solo queue for all levels of play. We're considering some potential directions (see below). Direction 1 is more known, direction 2 is a bit more adventurous and at the end, there are a few ideas that can go in either pitch. Let me know what you think either in thread or on twitter @RiotPhRoXzOn, I'll be around to answer questions and participate in discussion for a bit. ##IE Direction 1 - IE Reversion [IE Reversion] ##IE Direction 2 - 5k Gold IE and Zeal upgrade changes, Energized Changes [5k Gold IE] [25% Crit Zeal Items] [25% Crit Zeal Items] ##Flexible - (Can go in either pitch) [Hexdrinker] [Defensive PD] [Essence Reaver Broadening] [Energized Stormrazor] [Multi proc Stormrazor] [Buffed Last Whisper] [New Maw] EDIT: Thanks for all the feedback everyone. Read all the comments so far.
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