[INTRO] Chris “Pwyff” Tom - Communications dude

Hi fronds, Quick introduction here - I’m Pwyff. In previous lives I’ve played video games competitively, ghost-wrote college essays for tuition, wrote terrible movie scripts for free dinners, and did the whole video game journalism / editor-in-chief bit before arriving at Riot Games. I come from a mixed competitive gaming background of: **FPSes** (CS 1.6, Natural Selection, TFC), **MOBAs** (DotA, HoN, Bloodline Champions), and **MMORPGs** (Ragnarok Online, FFXI, vanilla + TBC WoW), so my favorites tend to fall along those. In between games of League, DotA 2, and Duelyst, I was trying to speedrun Fallout 4 before dropping everything for the new Bloodborne DLC, but did not get very far. I think I rerolled twice, explored fifty million supermarkets, recruited Nick Valentine, decided to forcibly set my carry weight limit to 20,000 so I could hoard more things, realized I opened Pandora’s Box of cheat codes and shortcuts, set my melee stats to five billion, punched a few Deathclaws, and then couldn’t go back to a normal life. Outside of *those* things, I read, write, walk, and talk a lot (often at the same time). I currently own: 0 cats. **WHAT AM I DOING AT RIOT?** A tl;dr would be that I’m a communications lead, working on all things to do with… communicating. One of my first big projects was to improve the way we talk about change in League (particularly in design), and you may have noticed the experiments we’ve run over the years, especially with the patch notes. These days, I’m focused more broadly on how we talk about what we do and why we do it. With the preseason just shipping and the 2016 season update on the horizon, I’m in the process of helping with our next Riot Pls update, getting this Dev Corner to a functional place, and thinking about what people actually want to hear about. **WHAT AM I GOING TO TALK ABOUT?** I’ll probably use my monthly slot as an open forum to talk about what new things you’d like to hear from other teams. If there’s a pressing topic you’d like to see discussed, feel free to chuck them in and I can understand what we should be thinking - or talking - about. Or if it’s just a miscommunication, I can talk about that as well. **WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO HEAR FROM ME?** Honestly? Let me know. I can tell you stories about life at Riot, or how teams work together, or about the cat I don’t own.
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