Post-Launch True Damage Border Updates

Hey there! We wanted to give a heads-up on a change coming to the True Damage borders after launch on November 10. Initially, we created one True Damage border that applied to the whole set, but once the border hit PBE, we saw some solid feedback that having one color across the board didn’t fit as well as individual border treatments. We agree, so we’ll be updating the borders with unique colors for each skin. _[Updated Borders]_ Because these changes are coming in late, you won't see them when the skins and borders are first released during the current patch (9.22) on November 10, 2019. Depending on when you unlock them, you may see the blue border first, but rest assured, **we'll be swapping it for the new design no later than patch 9.24** in early December. Since we won't be able to get the borders updated in time for launch on the 10th, we know some players will pick up the all-blue border sets without having seen this post. So, when we make the swap to unique border colors, there'll be a short period where anyone who doesn't like the change can submit a Player Support ticket to have their purchase refunded without using a refund token. **We'll share the dates of this refund period once we've locked down the date for the border swap.** Thanks to all of you who shared your thoughts! We’re so excited for the launch of True Damage and appreciate all the feedback. Riot Eggo McLego {{sticker:poppy-wink}}

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