Come play Clash on PBE and kill bugs this Wednesday, March 21! I’m Draggles, comms guy, and I’m here with MoreChrono, the lead QA on **[Clash](**, the upcoming tournament mode for League. **I’ll cut to the chase: there’s a major bug we’re trying to track down, and we need a crap ton of players to help us find it.** You need to be online on PBE this Wednesday, March 21 at 3:30pm PDT to play. To make it worth your while, everyone who participates will receive a 3-win XP boost on their main account. Here’s what we need from you: * If you need to sign up for a PBE account (you need to be Honor 3+), do that [here]( * Get 5 players together and create your team in-client (via the Competitive tab) any time from roughly 3:00pm PDT on Tuesday until 3:30pm PDT on Wednesday. * If you don’t have 4 friends on PBE, drop by the [PBE Discord]( and pick up your missing members! * Get tickets from the PBE store and enter one when joining a team (tickets will be available on Wednesday). * Check in 30 minutes before the tournament begins - between 3:30pm and 4:00pm PDT. * Play your games like normal (you are guaranteed to play 2 games). * Give us feedback in the [PBE Discord](, or let us know if you encounter any other bugs. * If you encounter a situation where champ select has started but you’re not in it, **report it in this thread.** * **[COUNTDOWN TO TOURNAMENT LOCK-IN](** That’s it! **Super important note: as we’re playing on PBE, all skill-based matchmaking will be disabled.** The matches will be unbalanced, and won’t be like the full launch. We really want to make sure we track down this bug in particular as early as possible so we can fix it, and that means putting as many people through the same tournament as possible - so be ready for some wild games. - Draggles + MoreChrono
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