Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 14

Hey all, Some stuff on our minds today below! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Quinn** We're testing some changes to Quinn at the moment. Goal there's about counterplay primarily, not power. Quinn's assassination pattern's pretty non-interactive for how repeatable it is. Given her ult's low CD she's not windowed in the same way other champs with similar kill potential and target access tend to be. We're exploring changes that shift her towards more sustained damage as a result (less AD ratio on R, more attack speed ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Graves** We'll be looking at Graves in 7.7. Starting belief is that he's too general a pick. First change we'll be testing is removing the MR from True Grit, making him a significantly less attractive pick against Magic Damage heavy teams. Very possible we make other changes in addition, or instead, of that though. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Changes to struggling junglers** Looks like those changes will be split across at least a couple of patches. We'll have buffs to Fiddle in 7.6, along with Red Brambleback getting less MR (makes it easier for magic damage dealing junglers to take it). 7.7 will then almost certainly have Amumu stuff in it, with Nunu and J4 likely though not guaranteed. Nid changes previously mentioned are unlikely at least in the short time. Volibear a possibility in 7.7 or later, though nothing proven good yet. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Unanimous surrender at 15 minutes testing** We've had the early surrender option available for testing on OCE for a little bit now and are starting to get a decent amount of data to analyze as a result. More details about at thoughts there to follow at some point. So far it does look like one of the main trends is a similar surrender rate (in terms of proportion of games that end in a surrender) but with some of those surrenders now happening earlier. That's a hopeful sign all else being equal (the earlier option isn't causing more people to give up if so, but instead letting people get out of games they'd be leaving as a group anyway a bit earlier). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Scuttle Crab and Honeyfruit** Scuttle Crab's been trying to steal Honeyfruit for a few patches now and we figured it was a good time to look at how often that happens. Big question there is, as an easter egg with low gameplay significance, it's cooler if it only happens occasionally, rather than whenever Scuttle gets near fruit on the ground (rare = bit more amusing/special?). We'll likely play around with some different tuning's on the PBE at least for that, feedback on the concept in general now that we've all had some time to play with it much appreciated too.
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