Let's talk Skin Portraits (again!)

Hey all! I've heard loud and clear that while many people like the Skin Portraits (yay!), a decent amount of people have concerns over the quality of a quantity of them. I agree! Some of them are terrible! Long story short, this is my bad- but I want to fix it. So! Here's what the next steps will be. * I'm currently making a list of all the SPs needing updates, and I'm just about through. Your feedback and threads have been useful. My aim is to hit quite a few of them, including ones that could stand to be better by zooming out. * Next, we'll start the mass cropping. This should take a few patches of time [assuming no preseason madness], but hopefully not long. * Then it patches out. Hopefully everyone rejoices! I'll continue listening to your feedback. And yeah- that's it! I'll hang around in the thread a little bit if people have any questions. Have a nice day! o/
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