Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 6.16, the Pre-Pre Worlds Patch

What's up guys! I'm Aesah, and I'll be filling in for Gentleman Gustaf to bring you today's Patch Chat, which will be posted here on Dev Corner every two weeks along with the release of each [new patch]( I recently joined Riot's Playtest Team, a group of Diamond+ players who play with the new champions, reworks, balance tweaks, items, and map updates before they are released. It's our job to the test the changes that our designers come up with and ensure that we're introducing positive changes to LoL in terms of both balance and fun. In 6.16, we're excited to be releasing Kled, the Cantankerous Cavalier to bring some new dynamics with his dismounting/re-mounting mechanic to the Rift. Otherwise this patch is relatively minor- there are a few support changes with buffs to Lulu and Nautilus, while toning back Sona's newfound powers to a more reasonable level. Irelia and Viktor have also been performing just a bit too well, so we're cutting their power a bit too. All of us on the Playtest Team are avid gamers so feel free to talk to us as fellow LoL players. Additionally, you guys can use this opportunity to ask us anything about what it's like to work at Riot as a playtester. While we can't answer specific questions about anything that would be considered a leak, the Playtest Team will be around for the next few hours to try to answer as many questions as we can. Adam "Afic" Cohen Preston “Hinder” Bunker Ben “Cezium” Burkhardt Shawn “I Am The IRS” Currie Don “Aesah” Ding Nicolas “Gleeb” Haddad Dan “Penguin” Hardison Miles “Daydreamin” Hoard Bao “Bao” Lam Robert “RobertxLee” Lee Nicholas “Nickwu” Smith Blake “S0be” Soberanis Trevor “ThEntropist” Thernes
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