Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 6.24, Camille release

new "Minions" art created by inkinesss! Hey guys! Welcome to Patch Chat, a Dev Corner thread we make to talk about our new patches every two weeks: I'm Aesah on Riot's Playtest Team, a group of Diamond+ players who play with the new champions, reworks, balance tweaks, items, and map updates before they are released. It's our job to the test the changes that our designers come up with and ensure that we're introducing positive changes to LoL in terms of both balance and fun. We'll be watching this thread to answer as many questions as we can. In 6.24, we're most looking forward to the release of Camille, a diver in the top lane. Other changes include buffs for Azir, Nidalee, Fiddlesticks, Kog'Maw, and Garen, who were below the bar of appropriate strength (e.g., Fiddlesticks struggled with the jungle changes). On the other hand, we have nerfs for Vayne, Rengar, Leblanc, Twitch, and Ivern who were overperforming (Ivern as players learn to play him). Fervor recieved a buff to encourage ADCs to consider taking it over Warlord's again, while Courage of the Collosus was nerfed as it was providing way more impact than other keystones. Finally, Rylai's recieved a nerf so hopefully we won't be seeing it built as a stat-stick so frequently and rather only on mages who strongly appreciate the slow. All of us on the Playtest Team are avid gamers so feel free to talk to us as fellow LoL players! Adam "Afic" Cohen Ben “Cezium” Burkhardt Don “Aesah” Ding Nicolas “Gleeb” Haddad Dan “penguin” Hardison Bao “Bao” Lam Robert “ROBERTxLEE” Lee Nicholas “Nickwu” Smith Blake “S0be” Soberanis Trevor “ThEntropist” Thernes
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