Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 10

Hey all, Happy Friday! Few short notes below. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Aatrox hotfix** All going according to plan we should be putting out a balance hotfix for Aatrox today. We concluded he was definitely in too poor a state to leave until the next regular patch and wasn't likely to recover enough just based off relearning. Changes include increased starting health (580, was 537 and had been kept low historically because of the impact of the previous revive in lane), Q CD down (13-11, was 16-12) and W damage up (45-185, was 30-150). Suspect it's likely we'll also make Aatrox changes in 7.6, though we'll need to see where these put him first of course. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Rek'Sai Timing** It looks like the Rek'Sai small update's going to be after mid-season at this point (we won't have the artist time needed available until then). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Mid-season** Speaking of which it's very likely mid-season will be patch 7.9. That could still change of course, but that's what we're shooting for. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Next new champ** The next new champ will be coming out before the next VGU. Once they're out we'll also share some details for anyone curious as to why the longer than usual gap between new champ releases and whether the circumstances that caused it are likely to crop up again or not. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Knight's Vow on PBE** We saw some reports yesterday that Knight's Vow had been reverted to its older stats and build path on the PBE yesterday. Going to be looking into that today, it's not an intended change so it's either a datamining error or we've accidentally stomped the newer version with an old file somehow.
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