Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 30

Hi folks, More words below, hope your weeks have treated you well so far! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Aurelion Sol** Apologies if I've mentioned this before and forgotten, been seeing some questions about it still. After testing a few different directions we concluded that a mini update on Aurelion Sol wasn't something we thought we should do, at least not in the short to medium term. He's still got a couple of issues we'd like to improve at some point (play and counterplay around star use, Q satisfaction). The possible changes we were testing didn't work out as well as we'd hoped in game though, creating an experience that wasn't more appealing for people who weren't already interested in playing Aurelion Sol and was often felt as worse for those who already play Aurelion Sol. We've cut that work off as a result and are putting the time into other projects that look likely to give more game improvement for the hours spent. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Aatrox** We'll be doing some further followup on Aatrox in 7.8. Primary target's going to be making it so Aatrox has a less terrible time of it if he's jungling. Exact changes uncertain, though we'll be looking at passive interactions as a possibility of course. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Udyr** We should have some changes to Udyr in 7.8 too. Current things we're targeting there are making Tiger a more viable build and adding a bit of power to Turtle. Probably hitting PBE early next week. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Responses to these threads** I'd imagine this is pretty obvious already to anyone who's read through a few of these threads, but for anyone new figured it was worth clarifying how I approach these threads a bit. With the occasional exception I'll put a post up and then put time aside at least once during that day to respond to some of the discussion thread below it. I'll sometimes put time into reading a thread/responding further the day after as well, though that's less consistent. After that I'll have moved on to a more recent thread generally though, so apologies, but anything posted after that's very unlikely to get answered and may not get read either. In terms of what sort of stuff I prioritize responding to I'm more likely to get into discussions about some of the things discussed in the opening post, talk on major issues/perceived issues with the current state of the game and champions we've recently worked on or are about to work on. Something I'd like to avoid is every single thread becoming a set of 'What do you think of X champion' for every champion in the game every time, so I'll generally skip those questions if there's nothing concrete to talk about. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Doran's Shield Changes** Continue to test pretty well. Highly likely they're part of mid-season as a result.
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