AP Itemisation Context

Hey everyone, Trading Stance aka PhRoXzOn aka Fizz Enthusiast here. We’re in the process of spinning up work on AP Itemisation and I wanted to drop some quick context as we move forward with the project. First off, this is part of the game I’m really passionate about, and as a mage/AP assassin player for ~3 seasons now, I definitely resonate with various aspects of the community sentiment on both the boons and flaws of current AP itemisation. Also the lack of itemisation choices are obviously holding me back from Master tier. This is something we've been talking about for a long time and we felt that now was a good time. I’m not going to go into detail on exact tactics and problems here (that will be once things are more fleshed out), but will talk a bit about goals and some of the things to think about when tackling opportunities here. Primary Goal · Create contextual choices amongst items (especially amongst first items), we want items to be the correct purchase in some circumstances, and not in others. Notes · This will not be a complete overhaul of the AP item system as we want to actually get this out the door in a reasonable time frame. · There are a myriad of things to think about in this space so bear with us – it will be a time consuming project along with the other things I’m working on! I’m expecting to post another update to this when the time comes, so stay tuned. Thanks for being patient.
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