RGM brain dump June

Heya guys ^.^/ It's been a while since we did one of these, so the time feels right. :D We want to keep you guys in the loop on general RGM stuff, where we're at with converting old modes to the new client and what's on the horizon for new modes. As always, I'll be around in the comments for the next while to answer any other questions too. ------------------------------------- **Is it my imagination or Brand + some zombie champs (Sion, Karthus) are nerfed in the current Doom Bots Lv100?** No no, it's not your imagination, we did nerf them for this round. Unfortunately, all 3 of these champions were trivialising what was meant to be a "challenge mode" with the Lv100 Doom Bots, so we had to give them a tweak. Brand was actually so OP the first time around on Doom Bots, we straight up disabled him. :/ Pre-disable last time, Brand was doing anywhere from 2x to TONS more damage than every other character (one game we saw 60x damage o.O). We capped his passive damage and lowered the radius, so he should be more reasonable now, but not outright break the mode with crazy MaxHP% damage numbers. The zombie characters (Sion + Karthus) were essentially exploiting a bug with the AI logic and how they react (or don't) to zombie states. We're all for finding creative ways to complete challenge modes, but this was basically cheapening the experience for players who defeated Lv100 the hard way (Urgot go go). We investigated options to reach in and edit bot AI logic, but that was a rabbit-hole that wouldn't have led to a feasible solution in the time we had. We're not super happy with the nerf to be honest (we lowered their zombie-state damage), as it feels like a trap to let you play the champ in Lv100 then 'discover' they're nerfed. Will be reconsidering for next time. :/ ------------------------------------- **Why do you release certain modes so often?** We still aim to build new modes and release them as often as we can to you guys (we just released Blood Moon and Dark Star modes this year). Unfortunately, we can't build a whole Dark Star mode _every_ month though. In between, rather than have nothing at all on the weekends, we bring back some reliable favourites (EG: Ascension & Poro King), so there's still something fun to play when you want a break from the regular game. We feel like this is better than the alternative of nothing at all to play in between each new big mode. For those of you who remember, we actually used to run game modes that way pre-RGM, and it felt pretty quiet for the long stretch between each mode (~3 months at a time). This way, there's still some fun stuff around on the weekends to play with, even if it is something that's been seen before. ------------------------------------- **Where are the older RGM modes?** We've been steadily building new client compatibility for the more successful older RGM modes (One For All, Hexakill), but #gamedev means it's slow going sometimes. We're also doing this in parallel with building our new modes (EG: Blood Moon & Dark Star). The good news is, we just got the **Doom Bots of Doom** stood up in new client for patch 7.11! Newer modes are also freebies being built in the new client from scratch, so they are much easier to bring back (Blood Moon is already on PBE right now for 7.12). On the flipside, there's some older modes we've actually decided not to bring back for various reasons. You can see some below details for why: * [probably won't bring back Snowdown Showdown](http://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/2017/04/ask-riot-snowdown-showdown-and-pro-kills/) * [probably won't bring back Black Market Brawlers](http://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/2017/05/ask-riot-new-summoner-spells/) ------------------------------------- **Custom Games in RGM modes where?** Custom Games haven't intentionally been disabled for RGM modes, they're just unfortunately not yet enabled in the new client. :( We want Custom Games for RGM modes too, and we're working to get them enabled as soon as we can alongside our other conversion work for older modes. The sooner we get Custom Games back, we can do our Community vs Rioter showdowns on Fridays again. :D -- L4T3NCY
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