Post MSI Gameplay Improvements

Hey all, Scruffy here giving an early look at some of the gameplay changes we’re planning for patches 9.9 and 9.10. While we still have no plans for a formal midseason patch (big disruptive changes that reshape the way you play League), we'll have a higher than usual amount of changes like the recent Urgot work so these patches will be heftier than what you've seen in the first half of 2019. **Systems Changes** * **Early Jungle Lane Dependence** - This one is here because we think we can target a common jungler pain point without a big amount of change. Philosophically we like for junglers to participate in the wider game and have to take risks to succeed, but we also want to solve a frustration point that early fights are too important and junglers feel overly reliant on laner rotations to succeed. We’re testing changes around scuttle mechanics and possibly other tactics to see if we can create a less pressured level 2 fight-or-lose situation. * **Inspiration overuse as secondary** - Inspiration is stifling a lot of other cool secondary rune tree options by bringing too much value. We are exploring both nerfs there and also buffs to the other tree minor runes to make them have more splash appeal. * **Hunter’s Potion** - This item is a tempting option that currently is a trap because it’s weak and additionally doesn’t really add a lot of interest beyond a ton of sustain. We’re experimenting with some small reworks to make this usable and fun but if we can’t find any compelling spaces we’ll remove this item altogether. * **Aftershock** - Pretty simple goals here to reduce the power of this rune on champs not building tanky while keeping it good on tanks and bruisers. **Champion Changes** * **Blitzcrank** - We'll be shipping the quality of life improvements that you saw on PBE recently: making Blitz's passive shield more consistent, removing the randomness from R's passive, and giving Blitz a bit more payoff for auto attacking * **Tahm Kench** - The goal here is to make TK less of an action stopper in very high elo and pro while also making him a playable support pick for the average player. Our current direction makes TK slow when devouring an ally (like when he devours an enemy) to pull a bit of power out of coordinated saves. To compensate we’re buffing his Q slow and making devour -> spit minions cost less so that he can use it more * **Zac** - We’re currently testing a mostly reverted version of the Ult with a few improvements to help it have more clear gameplay and understandable impact. * **Aatrox** - He still has been too hard to counter at high level and pro play which really hurts his playability for normal players. Our current changes make his ult revive only activate if he gets a takedown while his ult is active to remove his reliable ability to deny his own death. To compensate we’re buffing his baseline stats and exploring some other spicy additions. As usual, these are all work in progress so we may change or even not ship some of these ideas if they don’t come together well. Thanks for playing with us and I’m looking forward to your feedback and ideas. Scruffy
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