ARSR and experimentation in RGM

Heya guys, we've finished the first weekend of ARSR this patch and I wanted to chat about our intentions behind trying this experiments like this one. **TL;DR:** We want to be more experimental with the kinds of modes that could show up in the RGM queue. This isn't at the cost of new modes and old favourites. A sentiment we saw over the weekend was that _"ARSR doesn't feel like a RGM mode"_. We agree with that. It doesn't really fit the traditional idea of what RGM modes look like (EG: a Blood Moon or a Doom Bots or even a One For All). We're interested though in starting to use RGM to experiment a little more with modes like this. For example, on PBE we tried [a version of Poro King that had Doom Bots style Ryze portals]( as a test. I want us to be able to try more tests like this in the future too. To be clear, we're still working on big new modes like Blood Moon or Doom Bots and are super excited by those! Unfortunately, the realities of #gamedev mean that not every patch can be a Blood Moon sized 'new' mode (I wish). In between though, we don't want to leave you guys hanging with the same old favourites on repeat forever. Lower scope experiments like these are a faster opportunity, that hopefully lead to there just being more fresh modes to play in the future than exist today. -- L4T3NCY
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