Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 23

Morning all, Few thoughts below, quieter week at present as we're still pretty mid-season focused. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Stuff in mid-season** Speaking of which I wanted to run through a few of the things we've already talked about as being in mid-season since I've been seeing some confusion as to why some things aren't being changed right now. In mid-season we'll very likely have some changes to AD itemization, the crit path in particular, along with some defensive item tweaks. Also think it's more likely than not, though not guaranteed yet, that we'll have at least a couple of support item adjustments too. Those will be alongside the Vanguard updates as previously mentioned and some other smaller stuff. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Some context on balance changes on PBE** * Jinx - we're exploring the concept of spell that can crit, but telegraphs that behavior heavily, with Jinx's W. Concept shows some promise, current numbers are certainly wrong though. Unlikely we'll ship any form of that change in 7.7, though it'll probably remain for a bit longer at least to get further testing. * Lux - Lux still does pretty well in low Elo's, we see her struggle a fair bit in higher divisions however. We're looking to add a bit of power that's mastery based as a result, provide more power when used well, less that's pubstompy. Not sure yet if the ult partial refund on kill's the way we'll do that yet, though excitement from players using it has been high relative to the amount of power it actually offers. * Graves - We're considering two different approaches for Graves. The first, which from memory is still on PBE, is removing the MR from True Grit, making him more vulnerable to some team comps (those with an enemy jungler with significant magic damage especially). The second is a reduction to Q damage early game (less base, more ratio mainly) looking at making his early game dueling in general weaker. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Galio** Has just had his update go out. Super early days, so far we're seeing him perform better top and mid than jungle or support. In terms of balance it's too soon to judge much, looks like at minimum he's not weak however. Whether that means he's around balanced or on the strong side we should start to get a clearer picture on soon.
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