Early Snowball 8.13

Hello, Since it missed Quick Gameplay Thoughts, we are looking at reducing early snowball. Target is 8.13 and the changes are intended to be relatively low disruption (not particularly noticeable, but have good impact). We have seen early snowball increase slowly, but steadily over this season. As I pointed out in a reddit post earlier this week, this could be due to any number of factors that our data analysts are picking apart and will hopefully share when we have stable results. Some of the tactics we're looking at: 1. Re-introducing the bounty on 2 kills and potentially a small increase to bounties 3 and above. 2. Early death timer reductions from levels 1-7, while keeping an eye on what this does to teleport summoner. 3. Outer turret global gold reduction 100 >>> 50. What we're not looking at for this pass: 1. Towers getting more tanky, especially in laning phase. I know this is a common complaint, but we have reasons to believe that elongating laning phases is not the best course of action right now. This is partially because having elongated laning phases means more chance for lanes to snowball out of control without meaningful chances for other lanes to intervene as well as just reducing the amount of game variance (through interaction with other champions). I personally think the average length of laning phases is about right at the moment, but the standard deviations (the length of the longest laning phases or the shortness of the shortest laning phases) are too large. This can result in some unsatisfying laning phases where the first turret goes down as early as 7 minutes. It also has the tendency to make games stall out even longer when already won, so I would want us to have a more robust (and flexible with game state) solution. Examples here could be: killing towers doesn't grant as much gold (which is frontloaded snowball), but instead grants a deferred or distributed bonus of some sort. Tower fall times could also be regulated more strictly (ie. very hard to drop before a certain time and easy to drop after a certain time).
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