@Riot: The Fantasy points system is outdated

**THERE IS A TL;DR ON THE BOTTOM, I JUST WANT TO PRESENT MY VIEW FOR THOSE INTERESTED IN DISCUSSING** I have seen a few threads on this board by frustrated players that feel they got robbed of points, losing matchups because of roster changes made between day 1 and 2, switching out players that Riot's projections foretold would be in the roster that week. I myself fell victim to this very scenario, losing more or less because Liquid decided to switch out IWillDominate on day 2; this basically made my matchup 13 matches vs 14 matches, and ultimately most likely cost me the win, as I lost by roughly 17 points, considering Dardoch got 24.81 points that game. I realize I may come across as salty right now, and I guess I am a tad so, but I want to raise a discussion; thus I will present my reasons for why I think the system as it is is outdated. **A possible counter-argument** might be that this is nothing new, that certain players have been eligible for sudden swaps at any time earlier, e.g. CLG having two mids (Pobelter and Huhi), and players being banned for breaking the rules (Forg1ven and XiaoWeiXiao). Well there are two reasons that this is a bad argument. First of all, a problem being persistent through several splits doesn't make it less of a problem. It's just that now, with Liquid having two players for each role and teams like C9 planning on actively switching between players (Hai and BunnyFuFu), that this is a glaring fallacy in the system. Which leads me to the next point: this was never really a *realistic* scenario earlier. To my immediate recollection, Pobelter and Huhi were the only players that actually shared a role as such, all the other players were just subs, and even so, Huhi did also act as a sub as well as a second mid laner. I do believe there were mid-weekend swaps done at some point, but I can't recall who that was. But still, you could safely put Pobelter as your main mid without really fearing he would be switched out, it was a thing that happened on the off-chance. **"You know Liquid has ten players, don't pick them"** Piglet got 58 points last week, only about 1.4 points behind the highest scorer, being Shiphtur, and as much as 10 points ahead of third place. Fenix ticked in at 5th place total as the second highest mid laner, obviously also behind Shiphtur, with almost 48 points. They are some solid players, and have been consistently scoring well. Lourlo also got the third most points out of the top laners, with a very respectable 37.94 points. And yes, I know Liquid has multiple players for every position, that doesn't mean they should be left untouched, when other consistently high scoring players are certain to play every single week. In other words, they are not gated by mechanics of Fantasy League's rules, and also not by their individual performance (which *should* be the deciding factor), but the instinctive and reactionary nature of the teams playing the meta game (in the sense of spending their resources to make the game itself easier; in this situation: choosing who should play). That is a mechanic that has not been worked into the Fantasy game, and as such the only avoidance is not picking the players that are eligible to being switched out, essentially rendering certain players unusable by the intense nature of their randomness. You could say Riot's projections is their way of implementing this as a part of the game, but I will get to that soon. Besides, the phenomenon of several players in each position is only limited to a few players right now (Liquid, Hai and BunnyFuFu, probably some others whom I cannot remember), there is no guarantee that this will not be the norm in a few years, making a majority of the players highly uncertain picks. I realize this might be something of a sci-fi concept, as teams probably won't pick up on it until we see it having a major impact on the game, as well as the costs of maintaining bigger teams are of course higher. But I want to underline that the possibility is present. **Lastly, the projections.** Nothing quite like sitting there with an NA-dominant team, maybe you have IWillDominate and Hai, and to your great luck, you have Mithy and Diamondprox sitting on your bench, ready to bail you out if the mighty seers' visions are against you. Nothing will stop you from getting those sweet, sweet points! ...except that the eu picks lock in on thursdays and NA projections arrive on fridays. The **ONLY** way of surely preventing this scenario from happening if you have any of the iffy players, is having an all NA team, or at least NA alternates for your uncertain players. I very much hope this is unintended, because if not, NA players are inherently more valuable than their EU counter-parts if you are going to run players that are eligible for being switched out (this is with the assumption that there are no EU teams running more than five players in the main roster, correct me if I am wrong). Projections would be an okay (albeit still subpar, more on that in a bit) mechanic, if they were given for everyone before the LCS-week starts. But I can understand that this will not happen; NA-teams will have a few extra days of preparing against their opponents if this goes through. A few extra days of preparing for the champion pools of the player, maybe study some VODs of their plays and so on. I know they were intended to let you arrange your team before it is locked in, but all it really does, is warn you of your impending fortune/doom. Especially considering teams are free to switch up their roster inbetween the two games. **I am going to keep my proposal for a solution short:** Make the picks cover every player from the team. When I pick up Hai, I also get BunnyFuFu. I pick up the support of C9, I don't pick up - what is essentially, within the Fantasy game - half a player. **TL;DR: The Fantasy LCS points system does not keep up with the trend of having an extended roster, and is as such outdated!** I encourage you all to either show support, point out my logical or factual fallacies (keep it polite {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} ), or join the discussion in general. _Disclaimers:_ _- I know IWD has retired now, so I have switched him out by now_ _- I may have missed a few teams with more than five players in the main roster, but it doesn't change my point; I'd say it in fact enforces it._ **EDIT:** Derp, Origen is of course a team with more than five players. Probably are more teams that I haven't mentioned, but you get the idea.
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