I'm happy a western world is gonna win Worlds but..

I can't seem to shake this feeling that it might have something to do with this meta. When you look at the past, we can acknowledge that eastern teams had better communication, coordination and strategy. However, since the start of season 8, the meta has shifted drastically. Actually no, the game itself, is more about brawling. When the game has more fighting and less strategy, results can often be unpredictable. It can often swing either way because no one has superhuman reactions all the time. In addition to that, heavy snowballing rarely allow comebacks at higher level plays so a death or two can often snowball into a loss. My quesiton is: are western teams just better at brawling& death match type games? Or was it sheer luck that they beat out the eastern teams? I don't know.. it feels kinda dirty winning that way, but maybe I'm wrong. Someone care to explain? Is the win this year legit? Can we expect other regions like Brazil to win future worlds?
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