TSM Pick Ban is Outstanding

First picking the Ryze was so strong, its a fantastic Bjerg champ and he really performed on it. Banning the Rex'ai TSM baited Meteos into the Gragas pick, and when they showed Soraka alongside it made the last pick Nidalee super strong. The Soraka pick was abysmal by C9, whats your plan, siege a Caitlyn with Sivir Vlad? It's not Meteos's fault for being behind in tempo to early Nidalee pressure, but he did do an excellent job of tracking Nidalee on the map, and a flashless Impact needs to be playing more carefully. Also Meteos is playing absolutely out of his mind, I love watching this guy jungle, just need Jensen to step it out a bit and a better pick ban out of C9 in Game 2.

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